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    Designing Your Bedroom For The Best Casual Sex

    For some reason, it seems that the bedroom is the last space that people spend time and money on when they think about redesigning their homes. It’s not just the first room you see when you enter your house, or the place where friends and family gather to enjoy dinner. Your bedroom should be a place where you like to spend time, relax and retreat after an eventful day. There’s a reason why it’s the place for relics, old college furniture and pieces you’ve sworn to get rid of like the wind. 

    Below are some of our favorite bedroom ideas. We’ll show you how to bypass cumbersome room layouts, solve common furnishing problems, and update your bedroom design. 

    Design Software

    Homestyler is an interior design program that regains access to all the home design software created by Autodesk, and the best part is that it is 100% free. It offers a library of over 10,000 products, materials and textures that can be used in your bedroom design. Once you have finished, send your drawings to yourself by e-mail or save them for printing. 

    There is enough free access to their catalogue to create your bedroom floor plan. If you’re looking for a simple floor plan to help you figure out how to arrange furniture in your bedroom, Better Home Gardens achieves this goal with a free online program. Register and you are ready to add furniture and other accessories to the floor plans. You can customize your room with furniture in all colors and sizes and change the colors of your walls and floors. 

    It can be difficult to know where to start when designing a bedroom, what to put under the bed and how to take into account all the elements that bring harmony into the room. With RoomSketcher it is easy to plan and visualize your bedroom idea. 

    Mood Boards

    If you want a simple jump, we suggest to start with the creation of a mood board. Pinterest, Flick and magazines can all start collecting bedroom designs for you. Once you start seeing clear themes that appear in the same colors, styles, and patterns, you can begin to imagine what your room will look like in the end. 

    Furniture and Layout

    When you are ready to buy bedroom furniture, start with a floor plan and a measured drawing of the room. Furniture should fit the space of your life, especially bedroom furniture. Do not choose heavy, large beds and dressers for a small bedroom. 

    If your bedroom is large, choose furniture that fits into the room. Add a chair or stool or place a piece of furniture at the end of the bed. When the ceiling is high, a high headboard helps to reduce the ceiling size. 

    Make the bedroom layout appear linear and square before bed. You can do this by placing a comfortable upholstered chair at an angle or in a corner. This softens the corners of the room and promotes blood circulation. Add a small coffee table, artwork or stool to the room to create a cozy and inviting place to relax.

    Give yourself a special gift: a quiet place to sit and read. Place a flat box next to the bed or hide it under a nice bed skirt. Create an intimate reading area with a comfortable chair or footstool at the end of your bed or in a corner. If you have space, build a window seat next to a bedroom window. 

    The key is the scale you use for your bed as a yardstick. If you have a California King that is 79 “wide, choose a sofa of the same length (12” to 15 “short) that can accommodate one or two side tables. Throw a coffee table into the mix, but you want at least 15 “space between it and the edge of your seat so it’s less when it gets cramped. 

    The anchor piece are the two vignettes that flank the bedroom entrance. On the one hand, a secretary (instead of a small dresser) provides a place to check emails, and on top of that, there is enough drawer space to store your self-knitted T-shirts and workout gear for the day of the week. A wing chair transforms an unused corner into a place to relax. 

    An anchor piece like a sofa at the end of the bed is a perfect place to read, browse the internet for home decor inspections, or take off your coat and bag. It’s a layout move we’ve seen in some of the best hotels and private residences in the world, designed by outsider Mark D. Sikes. It transforms your bedroom from a pit stop to sleep into a space where you want to spend time. 

    If you haven’t redesigned your bedroom, but want to freshen up your floor, a new carpet can make a big difference. Bedroom designs can be large or small, and a few niceties can make all the difference. 

    We all know what it’s like to go to a great hotel room with well-proportioned beds, well-made lighting that gives a soft glow, and attractive, functional furniture. Carpets are ideal for softness and bare feet, and works of art should be eye-catching but not overpowering. 


    In the bedroom, it is best to layer the lighting throughout the room. Ambient lighting: Illuminate the room with small focus lamps for reading and other activities and accent lighting to wash out the walls with soft lighting. In any room, lighting can completely change the mood. This is particularly important when planning to have casual sex with someone from a hookup app like Tinder or Fuck Buddies App.


    Hot sleepers should also consider cool beds, such as the launch Bamboo Rayon line from My Sheets Rock. These sheets are 50% less humid and three to four degrees cooler than most cotton sheets. 

    Most people aspire to thread numbers between 280 and 450. At the same time, she says, it’s a personal decision. Cralle stresses that it helps us to sleep better at night when we make the bed every day. This is not because our mothers are torturing us to make the bed or to create a cleaner room. We know what feels good to us. 


    Designing a room can be expensive, so instead of spending a lot of money on a design, the good news is that you can create a completely free design if you feel like renovating your bedroom. Your bedroom will look exactly as you imagine, so you have enough money in the bank to make your design dreams come true.

    It all boils down to a few decorative faults that designers often notice when they go into their customers “bedrooms. From ignoring clutter to failing to address mood and lighting, these errors can have a huge impact on the overall picture of a room. We’ve tapped some of the best interior designers in the industry to share some of these flaws.

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    Guillaume Delvigne

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