BOO :: Ben Oostrum ontwerpt, Easy Chair

BOO :: Ben Oostrum ontwerpt, Easy Chair

The multifunctional Easy Chair can be used as a single chair but when you combine multiple chairs you can easely create a couch or, when placed opposite each other, a chaise longue.

The Easy Chair combines practical applicability with great comfort.

BOO :: Ben Oostrum ontwerpt, Easy Chair

The latest technology in the field of furniture construction is used on the Easy Chair, i.e. Frame Foam.
This specially designed firm yet lightweight polyurethane foam offers great freedom in the shape of the construction.
Laid in with different sorts of soft foam it provides the Easy Chair with the combination of practical applicability and great comfort.

The Easy Chair is deliverable in 60 colours.
Beside the many choices of colour, different colours can be combined in one chair or/and the seams can be stitched in a contrasting colour.
This all gives the Easy Chair an enormous amount of possible executions, and allows the Easy Chair to be used in projects as well as the living room.

Design :: MNO


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